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Corrosion of standard galvanized pipe can occur, especially when growers use less desirable water sources, such as wastewater, process water, and even corrosive water; and when producers add crop protection chemicals or soil amendment products to their irrigation water.

Valley PolySpan irrigation poly pipes protect your irrigation pipelines from any corrosive components in your water, ensuring a long life for your machine. Repiping is the most economical way to significantly extend the life of your machine.


  • PolySpan is made from an inert material, making it ideal for chemigation, fertigation and resisting corrosive water
  • No leaking – wide-gasket, self-locking couplers ensure a water-tight seal
  • Long lasting – the first machine with PolySpan, installed in Utah in 1992, is still operating
  • All structural components – from pivot pipe to last pipe – are lined and poly protected
  • Not affected by abrasion from sand or sediment in irrigation water
  • Highly resistant to sunlight and humidity
  • Same weight as a galvanized span when filled with water


  • Warranty: 20/10 pipeline corrosion warranty includes unconditional replacement due to corrosion for the first 10 years or 30,000 hours, plus an additional 10-year, pro-rated warranty.
  • Robust design: Designed for agricultural, industrial and municipal water applications.
  • Greater profit and productivity: Allows you to take advantage of corrosive water, and allows chemigation and fertigation with aggressive chemicals.
  • Minimizes pressure loss: Sprinkler outlets: Full size ¾” dual-gasket, self-locking couplings for minimal pressure loss and no leaks.
  • Versatility: Available for: Valley center pivots, Valley linears, Valley Precision Corner®, Valley VFlex™ Corner, Bender30™.
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